A grant from the Canadian Geological Foundation is supporting “Wunderground” at the Johnson GeoCentre, St. John’s, Newfoundland. “Wunderground” follows the adventures of Mr. MasterMinder, an energetic and eccentric scientist who combines science knowledge with circus performance to teach kids about the world beneath their feet. In Wunderground, Mr. MasterMinder searches the underground layers of the Province for ways to power his newest invention – The Amazing Robotic Portable Power Pack!
Collecting samples in his 9ft robotic suit, juggling “molten” rocks, and spinning Tectonic Plates are just a few of the antics that that the energetic scientist uses to enthrall the audience as he teaches them about Earth energy. “Wunderground” has been developed by the Johnson GEO CENTRE and Beni Malone, in partnership with Nalcor Energy and the Canadian Geological Foundation. The show will be available to the public in November 2010, and will run on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the Johnson GEO CENTRE on Signal Hill. “Wunderground” will also be available from Monday to Friday for teachers and students who would like to see the show as part of their GEO CENTRE visit.
Johnson GeoCentre

Adventures in sand

David Baird,now retired, but with a distinguished career in geology, including his roles founding directors of the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, and the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, has recently published a children’s book “Adventures in Sand”. The Canadian Geological Foundation provided him support in this venture through a 2009 grant award. The book is described as follows:-
“Can you remember the first time you went to the beach? You probably had fun splashing in the waves and the water. Then you laughed with pleasure to feel wet sand under your bare feet! You looked back to see the tracks your feet had made as you walked. Soon you discovered how to build forts and castles. Before you left, you may have watched as the waves wore everything away to flatten the beach again. Did you wonder where all that sand came from, and did you know that every grain has a story to tell?
Adventures in Sand explains how sand is made, how we use sand in everyday life, and what we can learn about history by looking at sand.”
The book is available via Amazon.ca and other outlets.

Successful workshop at GeoCanada 2010

Beth McClarty Halfkenny demonstrates the interaction of geoscience and art at the Let's Talk Science workshop

A Canadian Geological Foundation grant to EdGeo allowed a very successful “Let’s Talk Science” workshop to take place as part of a special session at Geocanada 2010 in Calgary on “Communicating geoscience to the public. The session, co-sponsored by the IUGS “Communicating Environmental Geoscience” working group also featured a keynote presentation from UK based professor of geoscience communication Iain Stewart, and a panel discussion.

2010 grants awarded

The Grants Selection Committee of the CGF reviewed applications for new grants at its meeting in Calgary, on Thursday, May 13th, 2010, with input from the eight board members present. Twelve new grants were recommended for a total of $119,215.33 (compared to $123,220.00 in 2009). The Committee recommended that nine grants, totaling $104,007.60, be awarded from the Jerome H. Remick III Endowment Trust Fund, and that three grants, totaling $15,207.73 be awarded from the Thayer Lindsley Endowment Trust Fund.
2010 grants