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The membership of the Foundation, prescribed in its by-laws, comprises: the President of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences, the President of the Geological Association of Canada, a Director General of the Geological Survey of Canada, a Geologist who is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, two Geologists holding positions in separate Canadian provincial agencies, a Geoscientist in a department of a Canadian university, and such other Geologists, not exceeding seven in number, who are members of adhering societies of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences. At least two of the latter group must be associated with industry. Members elect a President, Treasurer and Secretary, who also serve on the Board of Directors. The Board, which must comprise at least 3 and not greater than 7 members, is elected from the membership to manage the Foundation's business. Members and Directors serve a 3-year term, which may be renewed for a second term.

Over the years, the Foundation has benefited from the contributions of many preeminent Canadian geologists. The first Directors, identified in the Letters Patent, were J.L. Evans, J.E. Thomson and J.M. Harrison. Many others have devoted time and effort to the Foundation, including several well-known supporters of Canadian geoscience, such as D.R. Derry, Y.O. Fortier, E.R.W. Neale, W.W. Hutchison, D.J. McLaren, R.A. Price, J.O. Wheeler, and J.C. Sproule. Without question, present members and future members have big shoes to fill.