Members and Directors of the May 2020-May 2021 Canadian Geological Foundation
(* indicates Directors)
The by-laws of the Canadian Geological Foundation establish the composition of the membership so that it is representative of the geosciences in various parts of Canada. The by-laws were approved in October 1968, and revised in May 1974, May 1976, May 1980 and October 2014. The members and directors are listed below in a manner corresponding to the appropriate by-law. The by-laws establish that a member cannot serve more than six years. Directors of the Foundation are indicated by an asterisk in the following list.

President: May 2019 – May 2020
Kevin Ansdell*
Department of Geological Sciences, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5E2
Tel: (306) 966-5698

Treasurer: May 2021 – May 2024

Andrea Mills*
Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador
Department of Industry, Energy and Technology
50 Elizabeth Avenue, P.O. Box 8700
St. John’s, NFLD A1B 4J6
Tel: (709) 729-1733
Secretary: May 2019 – May 2021
Eileen van der Flier-Keller*
Dept of Earth Sciences Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6
Tel: (778) 782-7210

The President of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences, or designate.
Oliver Bonham (President, CFES)             May 2020 – May 2021
Bonham Geosciences, Vancouver
Twitter: @CFESciences
Earth Science Hub:

The President of the Geological Association of Canada, or designate.
Kathryn Bethune (President, GAC)                     May 2020 – May 2021
Dept. of Geology, University of Regina
Regina, SK, S4S 0A2

A Director General of the Geological Survey of Canada, or designate.
Daniel Lebel
Director General, ESS/GSC Natural Resources Canada
601 Booth St., Ottawa, ON, K1A OE8
Tel: (613) 992-1400

A Geologist who is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
John Clague  (May 2015 – May 2020)
Dept of Earth Sciences Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6

Two Geologists holding positions in Canadian provincial agencies in each of two Canadian provinces.
Bronwyn Azar  (May 2019 – May 2024)
Ontario Geological Survey
Ministry of Northern Development & Mines Sudbury, ON
Tel: (705) 670-5664
Andrea Mills*  (May 2021 – May 2024)
Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador
(address see above)

A Geoscientist in a department of a Canadian university.
Paul Johnston  (May 2016 – May 2021)
Mount Royal University
4825 Mt Royal Gate SW, Calgary, AB, T3E 6K6

Such other Geologists, not exceeding seven in number, who are members of adhering societies of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences, of which at least two shall be associated with industry.
Charly Bank  (May 2016 – 2022)
University of Toronto, Department of Earth Sciences
22 Ursula Franklin St., Toronto, ON, M5S 3B1
Garth Kirkham  (May 2015 – May 2021)
Kirkham Geosystems Ltd.
6331 Palace Place, Burnaby, BC, V5E 1Z6
Keith Dewing  (May 2016 – May 2021)
Geological Survey of Canada (Calgary)
3303 33 St NW, Calgary, AB, T2L 2A7
Tel: (402) 292-7135
Kimberly Tait  (May 2019 – May 2024)
Curator of Mineralogy Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, ON
Tel: (416) 586-5820
Luke Ootes  (May 2019 – May 2024)
BC Geological Survey
Victoria, BC
Tel: (778) 689-7164