19-05 Bio-geological Walk Through Time
(Ann Timmermans, Quartermain Earth Science Centre)
19-06 Podcast “Through the Eons”
(Kirsten Hodge, Pacific Museum of Earth, UBC)
19-07 “Geoscience and Canada” bilingual booklet (Andrea Waldie, Geoscientists Canada) $5,000.00
19-08 Interactive Activities in Earth Sciences (Pierre Hudon) $9,000.00
19-10 Western Canadian Basin Display (Stephen Johnston, UofA) $5,000.00
19-11 “The Geodiversity of Whistler” lecture and field guide (John Rae, Municipality of Whistler) $18,000.00
19-12 “Bringing the Carboniferous to Life at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs” exhibit (Melissa Grey, Joggins Fossil Institute) $14,000.00
19-13 Eastern Geological Network Bilingual Promotion Brochure (Kathi Stacey, Eastern Geological Network) $9,000.00
19-14 Mining Rocks
(Marg Fraser, Mining Matters)
$18,500.00 for 3 years
19-15 “Go Take a Hike” geology of trails in Rockies book (Lis Bjeld, CSPG) $5,000.00
19-16 Silver Queen Mine Trail Guide reprint (Mark Read, Friends of Murphy Point Park) Thayer Lindsley Endowment Trust Fund $3,608.90
19-18 “UR Rocks” guidebook
(Jeanette Roelofsen, Univ of Regina)
19-19 YouTube Video of Fogo Island Geology (Jane Wynne) $1,520.00
19-22 Earth Science for Society 2020
printing of K-12 Scavenger Hunt booklet (Annette Milbradt, CSEG Foundation)
$5,000.00 for 3 years
19-23 Planet Earth 2020 & the Earth Symphony (Philippe Tortell, UBC) $10,000.00
19-25 “Anticosti, une mer de fossiles”
(André Desrochers, Comité de pilotage pour la nomination de l’île d’Anticosti au programme du patrimoine monial de l’UNESCO)
19-26 user-friendly toolkits for geoscientists: how to bring geology experts in the classrooms
(Stéphanie Larmagnat et al., GSC)
19-28 Moon Rocks!
(Gordon Osinski, Western Univ)
19-29 Geoscience kits for primary schools… Quebec (Chris Brooks, Geoscience Education in Action) $20,000.00
19-30Geoscience Canada – promotion and marketing to build a world class journal (Karen Dawe, GAC) $3,500.00
19-31 Mineral Exploration Game + Video + Documentary (Jamal Amin, Next Gen Geo) $5,000.00
19-32 Taking Earth Science on the Road
(Andrew Randell, Below B.C. Geological Association)
19-33 A rock-solid investigation (Melissa Green, GUEPE) $3,000.00
19-35 Educational book for children and geologist tools (Isabel Cyr, Percé UNESCO Global Geopark) $10,000.00
19-36 Geology Outreach at the University of Saskatchewan (Courtney Onstad, Usask) $3,000.00
19-37 Education and Interpretation Project
(Amanda McCallum, Discovery Aspiring Geopark Inc)
19-38 Teacher Catalysts: Supporting Earth Science in Saskatchewan Schools (Terry Johanson, Saskatchewan Mining Association) $1,250.00
19-39 ENERGIZE! The Intersection of Energy, Emissions, and Earth Science (Alexandria Shrake, ENERGYminute) $5,000.00