Mining Industry Human Resources Council Explore for More $15,000
Le Regroupement des loisirs culturels et scientififique du Témiscamingue Thematic fossils centre – An explosion of life $10,000
Canadian Geoscience Education Network Explore a career in Earth Sciences web site $6750 ($20,000 over three years)
National EdGEO Committee EdGEO Workshop and Website Support $16,000 ($48,000 over three years)
The Manitoba Museum Exhibit of minerals from the Canadian Shield $6247
Godfrey S. Nowlan, Larry Lane, Fran Haidl GeoVistas brochures- Jasper National Park, Grasslands National Park $10,000
IGC Canadian Organizing Committee, CFES IGC 2020 Canadian Bid $15,000
Mining Matters Aboriginal Youth Outreach $17,000
Petit Musée de l’UQAC Minerals Display Case $8000
Science North Soils, rocks and minerals classroom toolkits and teacher workshops $4000
Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre Outreach associated with the Manitoba Palaeontology Symposium $800
Jeff Packard Foundations:The Science Beneath The Art Geological Underpinnings of Iconic Canadian Landscapes Phase 2: creation and launch of website $7800
Miller Museum of Geology, Queen’s University Purchase of a class set of binocular microscopes for the “Richard Milne Geoscience Education Room” at the Miller Museum of Geology, Queen’s University $6025
Scott Doehler, Teacher, Brentwood College School Saltspring Island Geology- schools field trip $500
Alan Morgan The Waterloo GeoTime Trail: Phase 2. $15,000
Mineral Society of Manitoba Mineral Display Improvement Project $2,700
Geological Association of Canada Special Paper 49: Lithoprobe Perspective $35,000
Matthias Grobe, Edmonton Geological Society Field guide to the identification of pebbles in the Edmonton Area $2500
Gordon Osinski/ Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration Exploring Other Worlds by Exploring our Own: Bringing Field Geology and Planetary Analogues to Teachers $3000
Philip Hammer and Ron Clowes The Trans-Canada Lithospheric Cross-Section: A poster and website for public education about the tectonic development and current structure of our continent. $7,650
Willem Langenberg/ Edmonton Geological Society John Allan’s photos: How Canadians looked at landscapes in the early 1900’s $5,000
St. John’s 2012 GAC organizing committee Outreach activities, St. John’s 2012 $12,700

Total $206,672