Grants from the Thayer Lindsley Endowment Trust Fund (2006)

Saskatoon’s Stone:The Geology & History of Natural Building Stone in Saskatoon (book)
Kim Mysyk, Christine Kulyk
Le Petit Musee de Mineralogie, Phase 2
Paul Bedard, Julie LaRouche, UQAC
Interactive Earth Sciences Program
Pierre Hudon, Anne Prefontaine, PetraSapiens
Popular Book Geology of Canada
Rob Fensome et al., Geological Survey of Canada

Grants from the Jérôme H. Remick III Endowment Trust Fund (2006)

Teacher Support for the 2007 workshop at the GAC/MAC meeting
Yellowknife Godfrey Nowlan, Geological Survey of Canada and Donna Schreiner, GNWT
Teachers Guide to the video”Halifax Harbour, a Geological Journey”
Graham Williams, Atlantic Geoscience Society
Discovering Diamonds
Lisa DiVeto, PDAC Mining Matters