Grants from the Foundation Trust Fund (2000)

Geological Field Guides for National and Provincial Parks
GAC Education and Publications Committee (P. Hill and N.Chow)
Geological Walking Tour of the High Falls – A.Y. Jackson Lookout
Town of Onaping Falls, Ontario (M. Novoa)
Geological Internet Magazine
Canadian Rockhound Magazine (D. Schmid)
Publication of Paleontological Monographs
CSPG – GAC Joint Committee on Paleontological Monographs (S. McCracken)
Support for the Atlantic Universities Geological Conference
Dawson Geology Club, Dalhousie University (W. Downey)
Support for the Western Inter-university Geological Conference
The Geology Club, University of Manitoba (K. Tait)

Grants from the Jérôme H. Remick III Endowment Trust Fund (2000)

Summer Paleontology Camps for Children
Bearpaw Institute of Palaeobiology (S. Robson)
Bringing Geology to the Classroom
Atlantic Geoscience Society (R. Fensome and G. Williams)
Earth Science Education Curricula Enhancement Program
Yoho – Burgess Shale Foundation (R. Robertson)