Grants from the Thayer Lindsley Endowment Trust Fund (2009)

Marion Foster Mineral Society of Manitoba, Mineral Display Cases

Mr. Masterminder’s Epic Earth Exploration
Keith Moore, Johnson GeoCentre
The Science beneath the Art: Geological Underpinnings to Iconic Canadian Landscapes
Jeffrey J. Packard GeoCanada 2010, CFES Foundations
Interactive Earth Sciences Program (Part2)
Pierre Hudon PetraSapiens

Grants from the Jérôme H. Remick III Endowment Trust Fund (2009)

A.P. Coleman, Geologist and Glaciologist
Jane Ross
Geology Walking Tour Pamphlets of Saint John, New Brunswick
Randall Miller, New Brunswick Museum
Four Billion Years and Counting: Canada’s Geological Heritage
Graham Williams NRCan.
Promotion of careers in Earth Science: Web Site
Godfrey Knowlan IYPE – CNC
GEOVISTAS PILOT PROJECT: Geoscience guides to selected sites in the Jasper area (Alberta) and the Grasslands area (south-western askatchewan)
Godfrey Knowlan IYPE – CNC
The WHERE Challenge
Godfrey Knowlan IYPE – CNC
Increasing Awareness of Earth Resources: resource conservation and management context, Hartland Landfill Interpretive Centre
Eileen Van der Flier Keller Univ. of Victoria
Communicating Earth Science to the Public
Christy Vodden CGEN
GroundWORK: PDAC Mining Matters Educator Newsletters
Lisa DiVeto Mining Matters, PDAC
(1) Putting the Earth into Science, and (2) Bringing Earth Science to Life
Laura Clinton EdGeo
Thematic Amalgamation project – digitizing and re-releasing past GAC books as thematic packages
Karen Dawe GAC
Pacific Museum of the Earth: Teacher Training Program
Kirsten “Mackenzie” Parker, Pacific Museum of the Earth
PDAC Mining Matters-A Model of Effective Outreach Poster
Lisa DiVeto PDAC Mining Matters
Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Project
Allan Donaldson Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Committee
Adventures in Sand (book publication)
David M. Baird