The following grants were awarded by CGF at their 2012 annual general meeting

Musée minéralogique et minier de Thetford Mines French translation of video module $2,000
Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, Manitoba Interpretive Booklet and Brochure Printing $2,931.04
Canadian Geoscience Education Network/ CFES for IYPE Legacy Project CGEN/ IYPE web site $10,000
Stonehammer Geopark Committee Stonehammer Geopark Guidebook $24,800
The Britannia Mine Museum Britannia Mine Museum Mineralogy Program Enhancement’ $4,650
Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research, UBC Geochemistry Outreach: Museum Displays, Teacher Training and Online Resources $9,850
IGC Canadian Organizing Committee, CFES Video for Canada’s 2020 International Geological Congress Bid $20,000
Mining Matters Aboriginal Youth Outreach $20,000/ year for 2 years
Geological Association of Canada Publication of the “Atlas of Cathodoluminescence  Imaging and Spectroscopy”. $27,000
Winnipeg 2013 GAC organizing committee Outreach activities $14,900
Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre Participatory Museum Touch Screen Table Upgrade $9,708.50
PetraSapiens Interactive Earth Sciences Program (Part 4) $3,500

Total $172,089.54 (including multi-year grants awarded in 2011)