# Project Title (Applicant) Funding
20-1 Geology Virtual Field Trip of Downtown Toronto Buildings (Bill Pearson, APGO Education Foundation) $6,000.00
20-2 Snow Lake Mining Museum Rock and Mineral Exhibit (Paul Hawman, Snow Lake Mining Museum) $3,614.00
20-3 Geotourism book “Geology of Alberta’s Spectacular Scenic Sites” (Dale Leckie) $10,000.00
20-4 University of Saskatchewan Boulder Map Update (Donna Beneteau, University of Saskatchewan) $2,500.00
20-5 A Multi-faceted Exploratory Experience Highlighting the Geoscience of Burnaby Mountain, British Columbia (Glyn Williams-Jones, Simon Fraser University) $5,000.00
20-6 Edmonton Beneath our Feet Reprint (Matthias Grobe, Edmonton Geological Society) $4,500.00
20-7 “Last Billion Years” 2nd edition (Rob Fensome, GSC Atlantic) $15,000.00
20-8 Publication support for 3 volumes of Paleontographica Canadiana (Alexander McCracken, GAC Palaeontology Division) $13,000.00
20-10 Educational book for children and geologic garden (Isabelle Cyr-Parent, Percé UNESCO Global Geopark) $9,000.00
20-11 The Lost World of Schefferville (Alexandre Demers-Potvin, Redpath Museum) $4,400.00
20-14 Creating Online Resources in Earth Sciences (Andrew Randall, Below BC Geological Association) $12,000.00
20-16 Metro 2 Montérégie: a digital experience to explore geology of the Montreal area (Kristyn Rodzinyak, McGill University) $15,000.00

total: CAD 123,514.00 (includes 2 multi-year projects not listed here: 19-14 and 19-22 with together CAD 30,000)