The following grants were awarded in 2013:

  • Notre Dame High School Ottawa – Student geology field trips; $1,000
  • Foret-la-Blanche Park, Quebec – Interpretive signage and public outreach; $2,400
  • Bancroft Mineral and Mining Museum – Enhanced display/ diorama; $25,000
  • Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre – Manitoba Paleontology Symposium 2013; $800
  • Pierre Hudon/PetraSapiens Interactive Earth Sciences Program (Part 5); $6,000
  • Martha Hickman Hild, Sandra Barr, Gavin Will – Geology of Nova Scotia guidebook; $7,250
  • Joggins Fossil Institute – Fossil Finders Exhibit; $20,000
  • Gail Bremner / Global Geopark Network – 2014 Saint John Conference 2014 International Conference on Global Geoparks Website and Promotional Materials; $8,400
  • Melanie Howard, Queen’s University – Brochure “I’m a Geological Engineer: Aboriginal Access to Engineering”; $10,000
  • Eileen Van der Flier-Keller, Associate Professor School of Earth and Ocean Science, University of Victoria – Digital Learning Resources for engaging youth and teachers with Non-Renewable Resources and Earth science: app, ibook, and wiki ;$9,900
  • Godfrey S. Nowlan, Chair of Canadian National Committee for Geoparks – Capacity building for supporting development of Canadian Geoparks; $10,000
  • Stephanie L. Douma – Establishment of a Canadian Chapter of the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA;) $2,400
  • Geological Association of Canada – Grant in aid of publication of GAC Miscellaneous Publication 9 entitled “Searching for the Origins of Haida Gwaii”; $18,000
  • Geological Association of Canada – Grant in aid of publication of GAC Geoscience Canada Reprint Series 10 entitled “Stirring the Pot: A Celebration of the Career of Paul F. Hoffman”; $24,000
  • Katherine Boggs, Mount Royal University – Grades 3-12 Student Study of the Geology and Biology of Calgary Green Spaces; $15,000
  • Centre d’interpretation des seismes de Charlevoix(CISC) – Seismometer for public display; $8,164
  • Peter Russell, Earth Sciences Museum Curator, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo – Augmented Reality Mastodon Display in the Earth Sciences Museum: A 50th Anniversary Project ;$10,000

A total of $221,514 was awarded including multi-year grants from 2011 and 2012