Annual Invitation for Grant Applications

The Canadian Geological Foundation invites all interested parties to submit proposals for the next round of grants selection (see deadline and other information below). The Foundation was established in 1968 as a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to assist in the development of geological sciences in Canada. In principle, grants are made only in support of activities of national interest and broad significance, with emphasis on those of long-term importance. Grants are made only on the basis of written applications giving a summary and detailed budget of the project. Grants are paid upon receipt of paid invoices, at the successful completion of the project. The Foundation disburses more than $150,000 annually.

Supported projects are broadly those that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. promote public interest in the value of geological sciences to society
  2. aim to provide training to high school teachers in the field of earth sciences
  3. further the application of geological sciences to the development of natural resources through national seminars and conferences
  4. provide career education through the preparation of booklets on geological sciences
  5. support for the publication of special scientific papers involving national cooperation
  6. result in publication of general geology textbooks, displays, videos and films emphasizing Canada and involving national co-operation. And
  7. involve geological societies in co-operative projects of national, long-term significance

Canadian Geological Foundation project proponents are vetted in a three-tiered grant system related to the size of the grants being requested. Grant requests will be evaluated in competition with other requests within the same tier. For example, small grant proposals will initially be in competition with other small grant proposals for the share of that year’s disbursement total allocated to this tier. Adjustments to the totals within each tier may be considered at the recommendation of the grant selection committee.
The three tiers are:

  • Small Grants <$10,000
    Grants of less than $10,000 have been the norm for CGF historically and it is anticipated that small grants will continue to be an important part of our disbursements with the largest number of individual grants. The granting application and approval system will have the same criteria, scope of project and application procedures as in the recent past. Our target for small grants is approximately 30% of the annual quota.
  • Medium Grants $10,001-$30,000
  • CGF has the resources to consider a few grants in the range $10,000 to $30,000 in any given year. These grants will allow proponents to consider making proposals of a more substantial nature. Granting application and approval systems for these grants will be similar to our current systems. Notionally, we expect to set aside about 45% of the annual quota, although because the individual grants are larger, there will be fewer of them available than the small grants.
  • Large Grants
    The foundation will consider making one larger grant per year of up to $45,000. These grants, because of their size, will allow a broader scope of work than the small and medium grants and will also require a more rigorous application and budget. Large grants will only be available to institutions or associations with capability to carry out large projects.

In addition, the foundation is willing to consider the possibility of Multi-Year Grants (ie approval of a continuing grant for specific amounts to be paid in each of up to 4 years). A multi-year grant would be appropriate for projects with a long lifespan and well-developed expenditure milestones or a well-defined series of events that can serve as milestones. These grants require a separate, more rigorous application process, with strict milestones and deadlines.

Each application for a grant is appraised on its own merits in relation to the general objectives of the Foundation. The Secretary must receive all applications before March 31. All recommendations of the Grants Committee are considered for approval at the Annual Meeting and by the Board of Directors at its Spring meeting at the annual GAC – MAC meeting. Applicants are notified within one month of the Directors’ meeting. Results of the competition are published each year in GEOLOG and will be posted on the CGF web site.

Application forms are available here in MS Word format

Applications should be submitted electronically to the Secretary. Detailed instructions on how to complete an application form are included with the form. Applicants are urged to read the instructions completely to ensure that their application meets the Foundation’s grant criteria and that it is properly completed. Incomplete applications will not be returned for correction and any material in the application in excess of the five page limit will not be circulated for review.

Queries about the Canadian Geological Foundation should be addressed to the Secretary:
Jane Wynne
B 9561 Canora Road, Sidney BC, V8L 1P4
Tel: 250 656 6681