recently completed CGF-funded projects

Geoscience Education in Action (GEA, ) is collaborating with various universities in Quebec to provide kits to schools and integrate geoscience into their teacher training programs.

The “Below BC” Geological Association, see , has continued to build their online offerings, including modules for online field experiences during COVID lockdowns.

The project “Learning Resources to connect Earth Sciences and Aboriginal Knowledge” at Simon Fraser University identified existing educational materials and developed new resources and activities to support teachers in connecting Earth science with Indigenous knowledge.

Deadline for new proposals is in a few days!


The Canadian Geological Foundation provided a multi-year grant (14-20) committed from 2014 – 2016 to support the costs associated with the delivery of EdGEO Workshops across Canada. During the period from January 2014 through May 2015, 9 EdGEO workshops were delivered to a total of 204 teachers, held in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta, BC and the Yukon.