A grant from the Canadian Geological Foundation is supporting “Wunderground” at the Johnson GeoCentre, St. John’s, Newfoundland. “Wunderground” follows the adventures of Mr. MasterMinder, an energetic and eccentric scientist who combines science knowledge with circus performance to teach kids about the world beneath their feet. In Wunderground, Mr. MasterMinder searches the underground layers of the Province for ways to power his newest invention – The Amazing Robotic Portable Power Pack!
Collecting samples in his 9ft robotic suit, juggling “molten” rocks, and spinning Tectonic Plates are just a few of the antics that that the energetic scientist uses to enthrall the audience as he teaches them about Earth energy. “Wunderground” has been developed by the Johnson GEO CENTRE and Beni Malone, in partnership with Nalcor Energy and the Canadian Geological Foundation. The show will be available to the public in November 2010, and will run on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the Johnson GEO CENTRE on Signal Hill. “Wunderground” will also be available from Monday to Friday for teachers and students who would like to see the show as part of their GEO CENTRE visit.
Johnson GeoCentre