Mining Matters was approved June 2012 for annual funding of $20,000 for the years of 2012 and 2013 in support of Aboriginal Education and Outreach Programs, (formerly named Aboriginal Youth Outreach Summer Camp Program). The Aboriginal Education and Outreach Program was developed to engage youth in Earth’s sciences, providing them with the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and career information to equip them for the future.
The Aboriginal Education and Outreach Program has four components:
– Mining Rocks Earth Science Camps
– Professional development workshops for teachers in Aboriginal communities
– In-class presentations for students
– Public outreach during community events, career fairs and the Canadian Aboriginal Festival

Measurements of Success for Y/E 2011-2012.
Increase in core program milestones per academic year
– Achieved as per chart below
– Plus Aboriginal Youth Camp Outreach teams were increased to three, trained in first aid, wilderness survival and cultural sensitivity vs. one team in 2011.
Increase in delivery of professional development workshops for Teachers, and subsequent outreach
– Program participants increased overall, with increased use of modified school programs, camps and partnering.
Positive formal and informal feedback from camp participants and family members.
– Achieved. Mining Matters developed improved means to evaluate the camps and teacher education workshops to assess value, sustainability and future changes. Participant surveys are in place, with data, assessment and commentary captured.

Funding from the Canadian Geological Foundation was successfully used to raise public awareness of Canadian mining and the role it plays in everyday lives for Aboriginal Youth and community members.
When asked for feedback from teachers and camp program participants on what they liked most about Mining Matters’ programing, responses included:
“Excellent program, I feel it is great for the youth and hope it continues throughout the future. Thanks a lot it’s very appreciated.” Deeper and Deeper Workshop, Rainbow District School Board Teachers, 2012

“Mining camp was fun and I want to do it next year. I liked meeting new friends and learning new things ……I wish to learn more next year. I wish to do it again.” 2012 camp participant

Each year, the value of the program is greater than the number of camps run or the number of students and teachers reached. Truly the underlying and enduring value comes from the voice of the participants.