petrasapPetraSapiens is a small organization founded in 2006 whose purpose is to promote Earth, Planetary, and Environmental Sciences to kids and the general population. Its main activities are lectures and workshops on topics such as dinosaurs, the evolution of life, the evolution of Man, the mineral world, the planets of the solar system, the planet Mars, climate change, waste characterization, recycling, etc.
During our 10 years of activity, they have now given about 1350 presentations to about 35000 people in numerous schools and science festivals all over the Quebec province from Montreal to as far as Lac St. Jean, Fermont and Schefferville. For the 2014-2015 season, 136 activities were given to 3420 students in 54 schools. For the 2015-2016 season, it is 114 activities that were given to 2756 students in
40 schools.

In 2014, PetraSapiens obtained a grant from the Canadian Geological Foundation, which allowed them to purchase or prepare and print the following materials:
The Evolution of Life and The Evolution of Man
– Ardipithecus skull replica with stand.
Dinosaurs!, Fossilization, The Evolution of Life, The Evolution of Man, The Mineral World, and The Geomap of Quebec
– 125 plastic name tags. They are used to identify fossils, rocks, minerals, and meteorites.
– Identification sheets and questionnaires.